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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Khoresh Gheimeh

Gheimeh or Qeymeh (Persian: قیمه) is a Persian stew of which the main ingredients are cubed lamb, yellow split peas, onion and dried lime. This stew is combined with either thin French fries or eggplant and usually served with rice. The best kind of Gheimeh is cooked in Mashhad which is named Gheyme Mashhadi. I and my mom has cooked and decorated a dish of Gheymeh Mashhadi for you. Hope enjoy it!
To know about the recipe please click here!


Dina said...

Your festive table looks "fit for a king" (and queen).
This dish sounds like a winning combination of ingredients.

Sarah said...

Dina, mom says we like to have you as the "Queen you said" at this food table. Do you accept Ms Queen? ;))

Turquoise Diaries said...

They all look so delicious Sara.. I still remember all the wonderful dishes especially kebabs from my trip..

Rita said...

I know Iranian food is DELICIOUS, because I have Persian friends who sometimes cook for me:) Ghazaye irani KHEILI khube!

Your mom's food looks good and that tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous. Red and brown go really well together, and I like the roses there. Oh how I wish I could taste that bread. Nune irani dust daram!

B SQUARED said...

Sounds fantastic. Save me a place at the table.

Leif Hagen said...

Sarah - what a delicious photo of a yummy feast! I love all the details: the food, the bread, the candles, roses and pretty ornate tablecloth!

Gunn said...

That made me hungry!:)
Also very nicely presented.Elegant too.

Petrea said...

I must echo what everyone else has said. The dish set is lovely, too. You and your mother have made me hungry.

Hamed MsLtD said...

آقا منم یک دوربین خریدم باش هی عکس میگیرم ولی از عکسام راضی نیستم
کیفیت ندارن خیلیاش. پدرم در میاد تا یه تنظیم مناسب پیدا کنم تا یکی عکس خوب بگیرم .مخصوصا با کیفیت رنگش مشکل دارم! اگه حالت اتو بذارم اصلا عکساش خوش رنگ و با کیفیت در نمیاد ! خیلی گیرم ! نمیتونی راهنمایی کنی که بفهمم ک دوربین من مشکل داره؟ یا اکثر دوربینای خونگی کانون همین جورین؟
من یک بلاگ دارم عکسام رو اونجا آپ میکنم!لطفا اگه وقت داری راهنماییم کن

Anonymous said...

It is quite nice to see. I love food but never in my life ate a piece of lamb.

Anonymous said...

It is always a pleasure to read your blog! I was in Mashad as a tourist in May 2009 for a short visit (Holy Shrine, Kwadjeh Khabi, Tus..) It was a wonderful trip!

Fabien from Paris (France)
A french admirator of the Persian Culture

Anonymous said...

I really admire you and your mom as the best Iranian matron.
I wish I was there and taste your delicious stew.

Az tarafe ye Mashadi e door oftade az vatan.

Honey said...

i LOVE this stew! Your stew reminds me of the one we had in the Mudheef.
First of all, I'd like to thank you for this blog; it's a great idea that helps people see Iran in a different light. I visited Mashhad for the first time this last November and I completely fell in love with it - especially the Imam Redha Shrine. It is complete tranquility and peace for me. I'm an architecture student, so for me it was more than just a feeling...the place is magnificent with so much detail mashallah! I absolutely adore Mashhad, and can't wait to go there again and perhaps visit Isfahan and other cities. I'll be checking your blog for updates :) Keep it up!