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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Miniature Grandmom

I'm so sorry that I can not update the blog regularly because of my different jobs. May should say Mashhad SOMETIMES photo instead of Daily! The main problem is with finding subject to take photo since I do not go out of home much.
Today's photo shows you a handy craft that I made many years a go with pea, beans and rice and like to share its picture today :)


Dina said...

This grandma has a lot of personality. You are so creative, Sarah!
And showing (your?) fingers in the photo gives a lovely personal touch.

Sarah said...

Thank you Dina, I just wanted to show the scale by "my" fingers ;))

Petrea said...

Sarah, I wouldn't have believed it was so small if your fingers weren't in the picture!

I know you're busy. I hope you are getting out as much as you want to and not feeling cooped up.