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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kooshke-e- Ahmad Shahi

Sorry for our few days absence on the photo blog. You know that we are in Nowruz holiday and it is a tradition to meet our relatives and friends during these days.

For the today’s post, I selected a photo from Tehran that I took at my previous trip. It shows you Ahmad Shah palace that is called “Kooshk-e- Ahmad Shah Qajar.

The palace is now a museum. Kooshk is a kind of Persian palace and we have some of them from Safavi and Qajar eras in Isfahan, Shiraz, Qazvin and also Tehran.


Dina said...

The columns are so tall on the top floor. Interesting proportions in this palace/museum.

Glad you had a good Nowruz holiday. Tomorrow we start our week of holidays.

JM said...

Beautiful architecture! The photo deserves being enlarged.

Armin said...

Hey Sarah, Sup?
Uve been absent long time,
I got a question about your "the other mashhad daily blog", photo sources which you took em all

Please text me on:
Yahoo ID: Armin.Hatami
or email:

I need you to talk about em all,
so please make contact soon


PN: I couldnt find your email address or any other communication way, sorry to post it here.

Leif Hagen said...

I hope you'll post a few photos of your family and/or friends visits during Nowruz holiday.... (hint, hint)

Petrea said...

Hi Sarah,
I missed a couple of posts! Sorry, I don't know how to make your blog show up in my Google Reader. Hmm. Not sure what to do about that. I was telling a friend about you yesterday and I thought, "Hey, what about Sarah?" So I came to check on you. I'll figure it out.

I hope your holiday time was wonderful and that your holiday dreams come true. You and I envision the same beautiful world.

Gunn said...

What a beautiful and unique building! Happy Holiday!