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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Starting with a victory!

My dear Friends,

I am so happy that I start blogging again. As you know, the first version of “Mashhad Daily Photo” was stopped about 6 moths ago because of some reasons. During this time I was so busy with my college projects and finally I graduated last month. As well as I decided to start a new photo blog, I made here little by little though this is not still complete.

In the new version of “Mashhad Daily Photo” I m not alone and my younger brother “Behrooz” is the another author of here.

As some of you asked about the difference of the second version I should answer; yes, the new blog is a little different than the first one. In that one I just tried to show you the positive points of my city, but now you will see positive and negative together. I should note that, the blog does not have any political tendency as well as all of us knew that politic is nothing except inconvenience!

And about our first post ;

We had a competition in “Ferdowsi university of Mashhad” on Saturday in 2 field “spaghetti and wood structures”. About 90 teams were competed together that at least 30 teams was from our university (Azad university of Mashhad). We won the prize of the most beautiful wood bridge and also the first prize of the spaghetti structure.

In the photo, you can see I and Behrooz with our colleagues. All of them are the future Civil Engineers, Architects and Urban Designers…


Eivind said...

Welcome back Sarah. I missed you. Nice to see your pictures, and hear your thoughts. Young people like you, are the future of Iran, it is an excellent thing that you make your voice heard.

knit nurse said...

Welcome back! I look forward to learning more about your life and your city.

Kaveh said...

How about some photos of your bridge structure, Sarah? ;-)

Θάνος Δ. said...

Khosh amadid :-)
I am glad I can visit Iran virtually again thanks to your new blog.
Enjoy nowrooz this weekend.
Khoda hafez,

Green said...

Glad to hear you've started photo blogging again. Waiting to see more photos. Keep up the good work Sarah.

Danial.R said...

I was checking your last Weblog before, and now I'm so glad you've started to write again.
congratulation for your graduation and I wish you best.

Dina said...

Welcome back Sarah! So glad to see you and your nice new blog!
Wow, you graduated already--wonderful!
Congratulations of your winning. I remember the competition from last year. Looks like a nice group of students, your brother included.

Petrea said...

Hi Sarah! I'm glad to see you back on the web and I like your new blog. Congratulations to all of you on your win. You and your friends make me feel good for the future.

I recognize you in the picture. Which one is Behrooz?

glduro_marieloupe said...

You are very welcome! We do not know your old blog, but this is wonderful!

Sarah said...

Oh see! my nice friends are here with their kind comments! Thank you alllll!

Eivind,Thank you so much. I am happy to that I can blogging again.

knit nurse, Thank you. We try to do our best :)

Θάνος Δ., Thanks a lot. I wondered about your Farsi words :)... Hope you enjoy our blog!

Green, You were always the best supporter of here. I should say "Thank you" because of starting our old version.

Danial. R, Thank you. Hope to see you here again.

Dina, Myyyyyyyy dear Dina!!!! How much I missed you! You are very LOVELY to me! Yes I graduated and now Sarah is an ARCHITECT. I can not believe that my childhood dream came true ;)

Petrea, Hi my dear Petrea! I missed you,too. Thank you for your kind mails and comments on facebook during my absence. You were always worried about me! If you have found me in the photo, Behrooz is the tall boy with light gray sweater who is standing beside me! I am sure you won't believe that he is 3 years younger than me :D

glduro_marieloupe, Oh thank you. Glad to see you here... I hope you enjoy it!

Hilda said...

Welcome back, Sarah, and congratulations on your graduation and for winning the prizes! This is a wonderful photo to begin your new blog with — everyone looks so happy and excited! I wish everyone in this group much success and joy in whatever you decide to do in the future!

Of course, I can see you in the photo, but which one is your brother Behrooz?

Sarah said...

Kaveh, sure. I will post some photos about them. (Sorry that I forgot to answer your comment!)

Hilda, Thank you dear. Behrooz is the tall boy with light gray sweater who is standing beside me!

Rob and Mandy said...

Welcome back and congratulations for your graduation! Nice layout, we like the blue background very much!

Babzy said...

congratulations :)

Petrea said...

I see the resemblance. Hi Behrooz!

Gunn said...

Congratulations Sarah! :-)
I am pleased that you are blogging again!!

Dina said...

With a lot of hard work and determination your dream came true, Architect Sarah.