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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Theme Day ; Statue of Nima Yooshij

I was searching for a subject to take photo as theme day of this month that I found there are no more statues in Mashhad other than I posted on my old blog. So decided to put a photo from Tehran.
I took this one in my last trip toTehran at Mellat park. The statue of Nima Yooshij, the Persian contemporary poet.

Photo resource: Wiki Pedia

According to Wiki Pedia :

Nimā Yooshij, (November 12, 1896 - January 6, 1960) also called Nimā, born Ali Esfandiāri, was a contemporary Tabarian and Persian poet who started the she’r-e no ("new poetry") also known as she’r-e nimaa'i ("Nimaic poetry") trend in Iran. He is considered as the father of modern Persian poetry.
He died of pneumonia in Shemiran, in the northern part of Tehran and was buried in his native village of Yush, Nur County, Mazandaran, as he had willed.

The venues in which Nima published his works are noteworthy. In the early years when the presses were controlled by the powers that be his poetry, deemed below the established norm, was not allowed publication. For this reason, many of Nima's early poems did not reach the public until the late 1930s. After the fall of Reza Shah, Nima became a member of the editorial board of the "Music" magazine. Working with Sadeq Hedayat, he published many of his poems in that magazine. Only on two occasions he published his works at his own expense: "The Pale Story" and "The Soldier's Family.
The closing of "Music" coincided with the formation of the Tudeh Party and the appearance of a number of leftist publications. Radical in nature, Nima was attracted to the new papers and published many of his groundbreaking compositions in them. The Boat is one of his famous poems.

The Boat

My face is withered
My boat is stranded.
With my stranded bark I cry:
“I am stranded in sorrow

In this dangerous seashore
And the water is far away

“Help, O friends!”
A smile of derision breaks upon their lips
But directed at me
At my askew boat
At my tumultuous words
At my infinite perturbation
At my infinite perturbation
Suddenly a cry issues from me:
I fear but danger and annihilation
The commotion of `to be or not to be'
It is but for endangered life.”
With their mistake
I buy mistakes
From their disheartening words
I suffer
Blood spurts out of my wound
How can I dry the water?
I cry.
My face is withered
My boat is stranded
My words are clear to you:

One person is alone
I extend my hand to you for help
My voice is broken in my throat
And if voice is voluble
I cry
For your salvation and mine

I cry!


CafebyJW said...

Beautiful choice!

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B SQUARED said...

His word extend far beyond Persia.

Gunn said...

Nice photo, and i think the BLUE colors are very nice too. I have never heard about the famous man before, so now I have learned something new. Thanks for sharing.

Leif Hagen said...

We don't have many statues in my city either. I feel like starting a statue collecting club for our city!

Petrea said...

The likeness is excellent. The sculptor did a good job. I've never read the poet's work before. Thank you, Sarah.